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Green Packet Global is the No.1 fastest growing carrier-neutral wholesaler for international Voice, A2P and Data Communications in Asia; rapidly expanding into Africa and Middle East.

About Green Packet Global

Since its inception in 2007 in Singapore, Green Packet Global Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as NGT Networks Pte. Ltd.) has been growing steadily and has emerged as the No.1 carrier-neutral wholesaler in the area of Global Communications and Digital Infrastructure in Asia; rapidly expanding into Africa and Middle East.

Over the years, our recursive consolidation strategy has enabled us to maintain a solid position at the frontline of globalisation. As much as we value our growth, we firmly believe that our customers should also enjoy the benefits of being able to maximize their end-user value at a competitive price.
Focusing on building reliable interconnections of the highest quality, we are connected to over 200 telecommunication suppliers and customers globally.

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Over 250 clients globally.





Global Agency Platform (GAP)

GAP is a business platform for individuals seeking to expand their portfolio or venture into the telecommunications industry.

GAP allows you to be a mediator agent between GP Global and customers to negotiate deals, taking into consideration common culture, language and trust with local customers when establishing our products and solutions in new markets.

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